The experience of a specialist

From 1992 to present day

Labelgrafic, S.A. is a company devoted to making wet-glue and rolls of self-adhesive labels which has been operating in the sector since 1992. Today we are a leading company not only in La Rioja but throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Labelgrafic, S.A. is grasping the opportunity that the market has given for growth. In fact we have already planned to grow more in our key sectors, by acquiring new machinery.

In Labelgrafic, S.A. we produce all kinds of wet glue labels and stickers for several productive sectors or “families” as we usually call them, for example: wines, mineral waters, soft drinks, cleaning products, industrial products, oils,grape juices, ciders, sparkling wines, dairy products, canned food, liquors and many more.

We are very proud to see our labels on our country’s more important wines and many other supermarket products.

To date our Customers can be found throughout the Iberian Peninsula, which is thanks in great part to the sales network that we have in place. It’s important to emphasize that almost all of our Customers have remained loyal to us since the beginning of our company, which again is something that gives us great pride.

And of course being a company from La Rioja has helped us become the leading company in the wine sector.We manufacture wine labels from all Denominations of Origin and for countless wineries, with the most innovative and resistant materials, and high-quality printing. And all thanks to the great team of professionals who form our company.

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