Maximum quality assured

With all the tranquility and confidence

Maximum quality is our goal

At Labelgrafic we always focus on quality. In our service, production and, of course, in our products. All our processes are controlled by the regulations implemented through the ISO 9001 certification, validated and certified by AENOR and IQNET, ensuring maximum efficiency and guaranteeing quality.

The BRC -IOP certification ensures food security in secondary packaging. this being the appropriate food safety certification label .

Obtaining this certification involves the implementation of systems of identification and control of all parameters related to the production process, raw materials, auxiliary materials and production environment that could affect the safety of food products that will It is designed such packaging .

Labelgrafic want to provide security by ensuring the application of this standard in all its products and production processes.

Commiitted to nature


LABELGRAFIC has implemented and committed itself to upholding the requisites of the Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products based on the International Standards PEFC and FSC®. The FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody Certification guarantees that forests are managed in a way that is environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable in woods and forest all over the world and through our company it provides another link from the chain to the end consumer.

The wood used to manufacture the paper we use comes from woods and forest plantations dedicated to this purpose, and that are properly managed to preserve biodiversity, forest ecology and the maintenance of the forest area with appropriate means. These raw materials are treated with low polluting production processes.